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5 Hidden dangers of FREE plagiarism checkers

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5 dangers of FREE plagiarism checkers

Stop. That free plagiarism checker you’re about to use? Don’t. It’s not what it seems.

The ugly truth is that some free plagiarism checkers:

1. Aren’t actually free

They lure you in with a free check, but you have to upgrade or subscribe to get the results. Be wary!

2. Keep your work

When you upload your document, they add it to their database, without you knowing it.

3. Steal your work

They copy your content and sell it to academic cheating rings.

4. Give you unreliable results

They can only detect tiny amounts of plagiarism because they don’t have the tools to do a proper, accurate check.

5. Can’t help you avoid plagiarism

They don’t show you the original sources for plagiarism found in your document, so you won’t know how to fix it.

Don’t risk it

This is scary stuff

Using a free plagiarism checker puts your academic integrity at risk. There’s no guarantee it’ll work. Plus, they are probably not using the same database as your university or college.

Don’t risk it.

Now, you’re thinking, “OK, but I still need to check my assignment. What am I supposed to do?”

Check your work the smarter, safer way with our very own plagiarism checker. It’s safe and confidential.

We use Turnitin. The world’s largest and most trusted plagiarism checker, and used by all major universites and colleges around the globe.

The Splash Editing

Plagiarism Checker

Your university uses Turnitin. Now you can too.

We’ve partnered with Turnitin  to give you access to the same tool academic institutions all over the world trust to detect plagiarism. It’s the anti-plagiarism system that universities, colleges and eductional providers are using across the globe.

Will your assignment pass your uni’s plagiarism review? With our plagiarism checker, you can know for sure before it’s too late.

The Splash Plagiarism Checker is Your safest check against accidental plagiarism.

How it works

It's easy.

Step 1. Upload

Upload your document in Word or PDF format.

Step 2. Compare

Powerful software compares your text with the billions of documents in the Turnitin databases.

Step 3. Receive your report

Get your Similarity Report in less than 24 hours and quickly see where you need to fix plagiarism in your document.

Your comprehensive Similarity Report

Here's what you get

Our easy-to-use report gives you everything you need to eliminate plagiarism from your work.

Your similarity report consists of two sections.

The first section provides an overall similarity percentage. This tells you how much of your content matches other sources.

It then lists all the sources (and where you can find them) that may have been plagiarised. They are numbered and colour coded so they’re easy to find.

The second section then presents your entire work. Any text that Turnitin believes may have been plagiarised is highlighted and numbered throughout your document.  Thesenumbers and color link to the possible plagiarised sources listed in the first section.

Now, you can easily check all your similarities, whether it’s a few words, sentences or whole paragraphs.

Next, you can add missing citations or rewrite your content, to make sure your document is plagiarism-free. Easy. Done.

Here's your overview:

Here's your detailed report:


Who is Turnitin?

Trusted by over
15,000 institutions
in more than 140 countries

Turnitin is the world leader in anti-plagiarism software. No other software is trusted more by the world’s elite universities.

Get the most comprehensive plagiarism report in the world

The ultimate plagiarism checker for students

Powerful plagiarism detection technology

High-tech software identifies potential plagiarism in your document.

World’s largest plagiarism database

We’ll compare your document with over 60 billion web pages and 30 million publications, including academic journals, books and scientific papers.

Safe and confidential

We won’t keep, copy, use or publish your document. Ever. You can even delete it when you’re done.

Detects more plagiarism

Other checkers pick up obvious copy-and-paste plagiarism. Ours does more. It will detect plagiarised content that’s been modified or put together from multiple sources.

Detailed Plagiarism Report

Our comprehensive Plagiarism Similarity Report helps you find and eliminate plagiarism from your work.

Exclusive Partnership

Turnitin are very exclusive in who they partner with. They only partner with ethically responsible businesses like ours. In fact, we are the only full-service editing company in the world to offer their services directly to students.

Plagiarism Checker FAQ

You will receive your Plagiarism Similiarity Report in less than 24 hours. However, our usual turnaround is between 2 – 4 hours if submitted during normal business hours.

As soon as your Plagiarism Similarity Report is ready, we’ll send you an email with a link to the report. Click the link to log in to your Splash Editing account, where you can view and download your report.

Our plagiarism checker uses Turnitin’s database of over 60 billion web pages and 30 million publications, including academic journals, books and scientific papers. It’s the biggest and best plagiarism database available.

The Plagiarism Similarity Report will show you specific sources for each match in your document.

Most of the world’s universities and colleges use Turnitin so it is highly likely that your university or college would yield the same results.

Our Plagiarism Similarity Report is designed for students. The results you’ll get will be similar to what your institution gets but you’ll get extra information to help you find and eliminate plagiarism from your work.

Some universities also have their own databases of past student work. Our plagiarism checker may not be able to access that data. If you’ve copied from a student thesis that’s not accessible to our checker, it won’t show up in your Plagiarism Similarity Report.

Never. We won’t keep, copy, use or publish your document, nor add it to any databases. As soon as your get your Plagiarism Similarity Report, you can delete your document from our system. 

Don’t worry. That’s impossible, since we don’t add your document to any databases. Your document stays yours. Our plagiarism checker is safe and confidential.

It’s quick and easy. Pay securely online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal. There’s no hidden fees for this service.

Our friendly support team is here to help. Give us a call on 1800 976 310 (or +61 2 4288 0681 if you’re outside Australia) between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday to Friday, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Or email us any time at

Yes! Our plagiarism checker works for assignments, essays, theses and dissertations – in any course, on any subject. Turnitin’s massive database covers all kinds of topics. 

You get one Plagiarism Similarity Report each time you order. You can always order another report if you want to check your work again, after making changes. We think that might be a good thing to do.

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